Release the Shackles of Regret

A little advice I have found to be very impactful. Operate in love and you will not have any regrets when love is not enough for any person. True love is not a feeling. Love is about your commitment to honor your word on a person's worst day even if the person does not realize it is his or her worst day. You can only give this kind of love if you have received the love of God through His Holy Spirit. When you know what love is on your worst day or days... then you can give that same love to another person. When you operate in love... you will not have any regrets as you look back. Regrets are like accusations that try to keep you in the past. The enemy is the accuser of the brethren and he operates only from your past. He accuses people of things that are behind you. God forgives your past and operates in your right now and your future. When you or anyone focuses on the past... they are walking with the mindset of the devil. The devil wants to keep you in your hurt and therefore you refuse to operate in love. So when things progress you will have regrets because you operated in how you feel instead of allowing God to heal you from the hurt that kept you from operating in love. So as you read this right now... change course and choose to operate in love and remain blameless in every situation. Do what is right and when you look back now you won't have any regrets which sets you free to move forward in your life. Regrets are shackles. Operate in love and remain blameless and you will be free from the shackles of regret.

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