Staying The Course When It Was Unpopular

I've been teaching from the Book of Revelation the last 6 months at BGI and over the last 4 years I have been impressing upon those who attend to truly become self sufficient as God intended us to be by learning how to grow our own food and being givers... which means a willingness to help others within the body of believers...not being separated by denominations. We have focused on teaching people true authentic worship which is about relationship... and being intentional about Biblical Application. God kept me focused on teaching the fundamentals (The Gospel). While I have the ability to preach... he pushed me more in a direction of teaching so people could get an understanding. It was not popular in the minds of those who are used to other things... but, I believe those who made it a point to show up for these teachings are at peace right now. They are equipped and armed with God's truth. And many of them are walking in it right now. Thank you Lord!

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