Revisiting My Past on the day I was transformed 10 years Ago

I’m free! Thank you Lord for setting me free. 10 years ago at this moment you took me on a journey of self evaluation using your wisdom. At 10:33 am, the Monday after Thanksgiving in 2010, your spirit entered that space where I was broken. You picked me up and carried me. At 10:33 am, today (Monday after Thanksgiving)... 2020, you opened my eyes to what has been slightly hidden from my eyes... out of reach until you knew I would walk in your love (how I treat others who reject me with their words and actions). This is what 2010-2020 has been for me. It’s been spiritual strength conditioning. You had me revisit the past prior to November 2010 over the last few days with your eyes. What would have hurt me then does not hurt me now. You revealed what is truth to understand the backstory (the enemy's manipulation through broken people). Now I can move forward not bound by human constraints... but operating in your love as you have always shown me, and how I have conducted myself these last 10 years (remaining blameless). Thank you Lord!
My advice to each of you is that you are willing to acknowledge where you fall short or have fallen short. Don't brush over it, pretend that it did not happen...ignore it... but deal with it. It will make you uncomfortable because you have to acknowledge that you are truly not the person you have tried to publicly present... the victim... a deflection to what you have done that may have hurt someone else. What you chose to do is because of a brokenness in you. No one is to blame for your choice but you. You are forever tied to your error until you publicly acknowledge your error. Repent and change you. Don't be afraid to have that honest conversation. Deflection will keep you in bondage and destroy your physical body. Those who try to move on without dealing with their error are the ones who will likely deal with significant physical and emotional challenges due to the stress of hiding it. It begins to suck the life out of those you are around... just like it is strangling the life out of you.

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