What is Grace?

Do You Care More About Bricks and Mortar Than Yourself?

World System Favors Will Cause You Much Discomfort

Prayer Not Answered?

What is Your Divine Purpose?

CHaos and Confusion is the Manifestation of Unity in the Devil's House

The Walking Dead - It's Not What You Think

"Cultural Prison" - Don't Let Your Culture Keep You From Seeing God!

Keeping The Enemy Off Balance Regarding You

Being Attacked Doesn't Feel Good

Your TIme is running out - Self-examination 101 - God Will Not Be Mocked

It Takes More Than Talk To Let Me Know We Are On The Same team

Should The Skin Tone Of Jesus Really Matter?

The Big Deception

Have You Been Called An Enabler?

To not love is a pathway that guarantees hell

The Truth Shall Set You Free

A Half Truth is a Complete Lie

Sin In Action is that Stumbling Block God Warned Us About

What are you painting on your child who is the canvass?

Many Mansions Mean Many Options In The Spirit

Dead Soul/Living Soul Explained

Yes... You Can Make A Judgement About People

A Measurement of our Faith Walk

Let's Not Repeat The Same Mistakes As Those Who Came Before Us

When Your Greatness Is Not Recognized

Stop Wearing Our Feelings on our sleeves

Dealing With Church hurt - Church Frustration - Church Hopping

Contentment Keeps You Grounded To a Heavenly Reality

Falling IN love or OUT of love?

Lesser Always Recognizes Greater. So Who Are You?

How To Be A Supportive Husband

You Are Working From A Position of Victory - Stop Elevating satan!

Race For The White House - A Spiritual Observation

Facing Those Giants

Are You Demonstating The Word of God in Your life right now?

Don't Be Afraid To Learn

Are You Looking For A Miracle In That Situation?

Are You Pure in Heart?


When God Closes the door, don't try to open it

Heart Change Exposes Everyone Around You

Everyone In Your Ear Should Not Be In Your Ear

God's Vision For Your Life is Bigger Than Where You Stand Now

you Respect What You Value. What You Respect is what truly matters to you.

Misunderstood and No One Is Getting an Understanding

The Church hurt me

Walk Away From An Argumentative Person

What Patterns Are You Following?

Crushed By The Curse

Children of Disobedience Want To Dish Out Wrath

They Hate You Because They Can't be you!

Your Faith Has To Catch Up To His Word!

You use what you believe in


The Aftermath of November 8, 2016

"Pride Kills The One Who Embraces It"

"Hold Your Peace!"

The eradication of comfort zones is coming

Stop playing the Role of the Holy Spirit

It's a matter of lack thereof of Spiritual Maturity

The beast 666 is already marking people right now

Your Endorsement/Anointing of someone or some thing means you are all in with it!

Rejecting God's Conviction Leads To Destruction

(Focus on Family - The Flock - Part 1)

"Do You Look Like God?"

Focus on Family - The Flock - Part 2

Focus on Family - The Flock - Part 2

God Answered Your Prayer. Did you Hear It?

"The Power of the Mind Renewed By Christ"

The Answer NO could mean so much more

The Word of God Will Always Expose Hidden Motives

God's Best Has Been Planted In The Least!

Natural Hair - Newq Era of Embracing Identity

What Having Vision Looks Like

Stop Waiting For The Beast To Appear - The Mark is already being dispensed

Coming Together as a Body of Believers is Important

Guard your Eyegate and Eargate

Kingdom Culture Disrupts The Patterns of This World

Operating Out of Order!

The power of positive thought can wreck your life or protect your life

The Fruit of Sin is Cursed! Don't eat from that tree!

My Decisions Impact My Generational Downline

Releasing You From The Grips of Hate

The Struggle Strengthened Me!

Your Focus Determines How You View Your Life

Your Fighting The Wrong Thing!

Be Careful Who You Put Your Mouth On!

How To Identify and Deal with Toxic People

Don't Embrace Their Labels On Your Life

There has to be Repentance Before Deliverance Can Occur

Emptiness Produces Fruit That Causes Stumbling Blocks

True Courage Requires A Willingness To Stand Alone

God Chose People Not Because They Were Better, But Because they were weak in the eyesight of man!

Let Us Make Man in Our Image

Life In The Spirit Can Not Be Labeled By A Finite Mind

Bitterness Makes A Person Become Evil

Unrepentance Does Not Get Us Grace

Christ Followers Are Not Condemned

Hate Never Healed Anything

A Victorious Mindset Always Wins Out The Day

The Costly Mistake We Make Regarding The System That Appears To Be Unjust

You are the only one who can defile yourself

Stop Giving Credit To the Devil!

Your FLesh Wants You to Fail!

Who Told you jesus was Black or White?

Exposing thehypocrites


Feelings Will Destroy You

Stop Pursuing The Greater Works and Start Pursuing the Heart of God

God Reveals


Did the preacher offend you from the pulpit?

Living Among Walking Dead Souls

Let It Go! Don't be a tool the devil uses

Stop Chasing The Lie

The Devil's Worst Nightmare

Let it Go

God Despises Hypocrites

Evil is not winning

Have You Honored Your Name?

Watch The Tree Before You Eat It's Fruit

Satan Masquerades as an Angel of Light

Marriage Talk (1) Are you married to the wrong people?

Marriage Tale (2) "I refuse to submit to anyone, especially to my spouse!"

Marriage Talk (3) "Do You Respect Your Spouse?"

They are dying and fighting to hold on to what is dying!

Do You Really Know What You Are FIghting?

You can make judgements

Sign of the times

Are You Sure Your Soul Is In Right Standing With Yahwey

Do Not Panic

Staying The Course When It Was Unpopular

When The Word Is In You

Spiritual Immaturity

Do Not Be Seduced By What You See

Revisiting My Past on the day I was transformed 10 years Ago

Release the Shackles of Regret

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