Exposing thehypocrites


The reason so many people you thought knew the word but are showing their true nature opposite of the word? God is removing his lampstands (Revelation 2 and 3) from people who have tried to deceive people under the name of God. This is Blaspheming the Holy Spirit. And now the public exposing is occurring.

1) The word of God shows us God's will from a historical context to those who just study the words written. They have book knowledge but not any revelation knowledge

2) OBEDIENCE to the word of God gives a person WISDOM and an UNDERSTANDING. (This is REVELATION from God about His word)
- Relationship with God requires obeying His word
-To obey His word you have to be in relationship with THE WORD who is HIs Son... Jesus. (John 1:1-5)
- There are many who know OF the word but don't KNOW THE WORD because to obey the word in their minds puts them in a position of weakness
- Their passion is to be in control of the system (governance structure - Rev. 17 and 18) which is antithetical to the word of God
- They have REJECTED the word because they choose not to do what the word instructs
- They have tried to use the word to support their own agenda that is not of God
- The Word of God is NOW exposing the hypocrites as Jesus exposed Hypocrites in His day. The word was walking before them and they did not recognize the word because the word was not in their hearts (John 1:5) (Matthew 21:42) ( Psalm 118:22)
- Hypocrites don't have relationship with Jesus but try to hold everyone to the laws of the word of God they are comfortable with condemning them while they are condemned themselves (Matthew 23:13)
- The Bible teaches us that if you are guilty of one then you are guilty of them all (James 2:10)
- Since they choose not to be in relationship with Jesus which is to be obedient to his word...they will not understand the things or concerns of God (1 Corinthians 2:14)
- They have tried to convince you based on their theological education that they know more than you, but they don't have him in their heart
- No amount of theological education can get you what a RELATIONSHIP with Jesus does (Proverbs 9:10)
- A HEARER and DOER of the word is IN RELATIONSHIP with JESUS (James 1:22)
-This person with a sincere heart to do what God says has wisdom and an understanding of the concerns of God because he has received something from Jesus.(John 14:26)
- A relationship with Jesus will get you His Spirit to help you Obey His word (THIS IS THE POWER OF GRACE - Romans 6:1-7)
- When you receive His spirit you have now been Baptized by the Holy Spirit which is Baptism by fire.
-The fire of God will embolden you to speak truth when no one wants to hear it because you understand the concerns of God. This is what a RELATIONSHIP with Jesus get's you (John 14:6)

Vincent J. McCaskill - Senior Pastor
By God Inspired Fellowship

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