The Devil's Worst Nightmare

The devil's worst nightmare is when saved folks get delivered from patterns of thinking that keep them in bondage (Romans 12:1-2), and when unsaved folks get saved because of a message.

Tonight I want to address the threat of saved people being delivered from the patterns of thinking that had them in bondage.

In other words, you can be saved, but your thinking around various issues will not allow you to enjoy the fullness of your salvation because it does not line up with the mind of Christ just yet. The soul is saved... but now Jesus will grow the person who remains teachable. To be taught means there is something new to be learned.

The only power the enemy has is to form a lie and create deception which is a distraction from the truth. When the truth goes forward and begins to capture the attention of people... their minds can embrace what is being taught and make them aware of what they did not realize. This is a deliverance moment.... some of yall call this a woke moment. When there is a word that goes forward that wakes up people (capture their attention)... the devil and his army begin to attack the messenger with lies creating deception which distracts people from the message that can deliver their minds from a pattern of thinking that had them in bondage.

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